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I am so happy to resume my blog! I must confess that I never thought it would be so fun. At the beginning, I was afraid that I have to post super smart things and therefore it took me long time before I publish my first post. Later on, I realized that my blogging was like stumbling in the dark to find my own truth J. More than that, this is a space to learn and to interact with other people.

Now I am motivated to continue since I am taking a further step as co-facilitator in the Online Networked Learning course ONL171. This is a MOOC organized by several institutions and engaging participants from around the world.

We are divided in smaller working groups called PBL groups. PBL from Problem Based Learning, the pedagogical method we follow. Anyway, this week we had our first meeting in the smaller group. This time I am in PBL5 where we are 9 participants from South Africa, Finland and Sweden.

Still I’m not so sure of what to do. Luckily, I work together with Kenneth, from Lund University. Kenneth, is patient, experienced and transmit confidence.

As co-facilitator I try to motivate the group, answer their questions and provide support etc. For example, this video is a good example of what we could do to motivate a group.

The start of the course is confusing per se with a lot of new information, activities, everything happening so fast. At this stage, a good communication between participants is key. Therefore, we need to choose the best communication platform for everybody. We are using Adobe Connect (AC) and Blackboard Collaborate but some other groups are trying Zoom. A good thing to have is a good headset at hand, to test the connection speed (Cable connection is better for our meetings) and to run the audio wizard before meetings like in this example with AC.

Today I got my brand-new headset! (Creative ChatMax HS-720). This is the one that I choose for Mac. There are several sets. I tested it and it seems to work okay.

At this point in the course the participants need guidance and  clear instructions. I would recommend them to take a tour around the ONL homepage, to watch the intro video, to bookmark all the useful pages and to organize the google drive.

A check-list is good to have and to book all the activities in the calendar. Don’t forget to update the activity tracker (I was saving everything in word just in case it disappears). Comment on each others blogs!

Time concern is another issue. I know! Well…it takes time to learn about different tools, pedagogical theories and do some networking and reflecting. However, think that you are working in a team. You don’t actually have to do everything by yourself and the Webinars and other synchronous activities will be recorded allowing you to watch whenever you want.

Finally, I agree with R: there will be plenty of things to hang from the Christmas tree but we will make our tree beautiful and our Christmas very original ,-)

Image taken from Pixabay under CC0 licence


5 thoughts on “Cofacilitating ONL ine

  1. Nice to read something from another co-facilitator! I felt the same when being co-facilitator the first time last autumn. And I was equally lucky to have Ali from South Africa helping me out. Look forward to reading more from you! 🙂


  2. I agree it is nice to read from a former participant and a present cofacilitator and thank you for the tips like the introductory video is very good. Many of your reflection I have been thinking a lot about the many participants and their presentation I cannot remember everybody even if I feel there are a lot of interesting persons.
    Thank you for sharing


  3. It was wonderful to read your blog. I’ve really appreciated your facilitation in Group 5, you have assisted me greatly and I value that. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks Susan


  4. Hi Gizeh, the image of the X-mas tree is so nice! Not every X-mas tree is the same. You are so creative I think your tree will be very beautiful and interesting! Succes in your new role! Can you keep your mouth shut? 😉
    xx Francisca


    1. Thanks for your support! It is always important to listen to the most experienced ones! You learn by incorporating elements from whom you like and admire and by using own intuition 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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